Meet the IB-Green family: Climate Alliance

Next in line for "Meet the IB-Green family", lead partner and project partner Climate Alliance give you the inside scoop on our participation in IB-Green - with project coordinators Hélène Rizzotti and Alicia Göpner answering questions. 

Why do you think IB-Green is an important project, especially from the perspective of your organisation? Companies tend to shy the costs for climate adaptation measures; municipalities have limited (human) resources to develop new concepts. With IB-Green, we hope to give both stakeholder groups new arguments and resources to spearhead this task.

If you could compare IB-Green to an animal, what would the project be? A chameleon. Business parks becoming so green that we could barely see any buildings: they blend into the landscape like chameleons.

What other EU-/INTERREG-financed project are you working on? Invest4Nature: a Horizon Europe research project aiming at understanding better the social and economic benefits of nature-based solutions. And therefore to motivate stakeholders to invest in NBS.

What from your perspective is the biggest challenge for implementing more green and blue infrastructure in IBPs? That in capitalist societies, value is only give to something that can be economically measured. Also, the emergency of facing short-term crisis which is always as a priority compared to the long-term benefits of implementing nature-based solutions.

How high do you think the potential and acceptance for blue and green infrastructure in your country is, and why? In general, increasing, especially for measures in urban contexts. Mid-November, the German parliament passed a new climate adaptation law, which among others obligates the German government to develop a preventive climate adaption strategy.

Describe your organization in three words. “Glocal” city network (or “Cities working together”) 

Meet the IB-Green family: HLNUG
Hessian Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology