Preparing to analyze pilot actions

Method & Tools

On November 14th, the IB-Green project partners came together for an informal online-meeting. Since the project partners are starting to prepare and specify their pilot actions in the current stage of the project, the main focus of the meeting was to exchange on tools and methods that the partners are using. 

WILA Bonn for instance showed a so called potential check for nature-based solutions in industrial and business parks. This method uses available maps (e.g. heat vulnerability or fresh air corridors), as well as a site visit, for an evaluation according to a traffic light system, depending on the potential (high or low) in certain thematic fields.

Similarly, Lille Metropole presented an environmental issues matrix, which generates simplified maps, from which central environmental issues of a project can be identified. The aim of this tool, that can be used particularly as orientation for technical studies, is to provide first indicatons on the environmental priorities of the project.


The Municipality of Leeuwarden commissioned a consultancy firm for a preparatory analysis of possible adaptation measures. As part of the commission, existing green structures were analyzed and a visualization created of the effects of potential measures. Particularly, the analysis included the investment and operation costs of certain measures.

The Municipality of Singen is using a local climate analysis that was generated in 2018. This analysis depicts the current heat dissipation or cooling air flow fields, but also includes models of how these elements will most likely evolve in the future depending on the effects of climate change and future construction projects.

Finally, HLNUG introduced the online tool „Urban Green in a changing climate“. This tool includes modules on finding climate-resilient tree species, as well as on how to select building greening. For the module on finding climate-resilient tree-species, the tree species can be sorted by different category filters, such as climate, location, appearance or performance. The German online-tool can be accessed here.

Focus on Adaptation
Climate Alliance International Conference 2023 in Modena