Clim'ability Care and IB-Green

Synergies between two INTERREG Projects

On October 13th 2023, the lead partners of the two Interreg projects, IB-Green and Clim’Ability Care, Climate Alliance and INSA Strasbourg met in Karlsruhe, Germany. Clim’Ability Care aims at raising awareness of Upper Rhine companies for climate change, especially SMEs. This aspect links the goals of IB-Green and Clim’Ability Care: Within IB-Green, one central challenge and aim is to make companies and private stakeholders of industrial and business areas in North-West Europe aware of the need of climate adaptation and especially to push them towards activities in this area. 

Project partners of IB-Green can potentially profit from the work of Clim’Ability Care, especially from the so called Clim’ability Diag: this online self-diagnostic tool helps companies to estimate their sensitivity to climatic hazards and understand risks and opportunities in the context of climate change. Further, Clim’Ability Care helps them to identify priorities in their business development strategy. This free-to-use tool can be used by any company that wishes to create a first diagnosis of how climate change will impact their activities in the future.

Following this informal exchange, the group had the chance to participate in a landing game session which was developed by Clim’Ability Design. The landing game is a discussion game that explores the future of critical zones of the Upper Rhine region. Its aim is together different stakeholders around the table like companies, researchers, associations, citizens and other actors to discuss possible courses of action in the face of climate change.

If you have become curious, click here (or on the picture below) to watch the video of the landing game:


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